live licensing & music rights gmbh

is an independent agency for music

live-licensing offers the following advantages

  • attractive and fast payouts for the artist
  • short deadlines for settlements
  • no hidden deductions for live performances
  • complete transparency in handling

live-licensing for concerts

live-licensing offers copyright holders, who perform their own songs live, the easiest rights management and cleanest billing at attractive conditions. what has long been “state of the art” in the online music sector is now possible for concerts: the rights owners of a work has the opportunity to settle directly in the performance and live sectors.

live-licensing for commercials & movies

live-licensing offers the advertising and film industry clarification of all music rights, required for licensing. regardless if they are rights to the sound recording (master rights), or publishing / sync rights (copyrights/publishing rights). if desired, looks for the right music for the respective project. while always keeping an eye on the available budget.

live-licensing for music rights and samples clearing

live-licensing offers rights clearance for musicians. be it for the use of samples, arrangements or song covers. musicians and labels are also advised on the licensing and accounting of their rights. especially the neighbouring rights.